FIPA, is organized with the collaboration of Feria Valencia and APA, Spanish Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers. in its efforts to create a fair that will attract industry professionals and other groups involved in automatic doors and generate business relationships, FIPA has closed deals with the leading trade organisations and media that will ensure that FIPA 2017 is publicised comprehensively to its target audience.

  • APCE, the Spanish Property Developers and Builders Association.
  • CGCFE, the General Council of Unions of Estate Managers.
  • CSCAE, the Superior Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain.
  • CGCII, the General Council of Colleges of Industrial Engineers.
  • CGITI, the General Council of Industrial Technical Engineering.
  • Tecnifuego-Aespi, the Spanish Association of Fire Protection Enterprises.
  • AFITI, the Association for the Promotion of Fire Prevention Research and Safety Technology.
  • PA Ediciones, Puertas Automáticas Ediciones.

FIPA 2017 is currently working to close deals with the leading industry associations and media in Latin America and North Africa, as well as in other countries of interest to exhibitors at FIPA 2017 and is focusing on those that constitute the most direct route to FIPA’s target audience.