IFAP closes its doors with excellent results and the best expectations for its next edition in 2019. Automatic doors and automatism sector has found in the monographic platform contest 'tailor-made' for the sector.

Today the first edition of the international fair of automatic doors closed its doors at the Feria Valencia, FIPA, with the satisfaction of having fulfilled its objectives and the best feelings by its exhibitors, all agree that this first edition "has been a surprising and absolute success".

Joan Didac, Manager of the company CollBaix, It says that IFAP has been "the beginning of a new future". As this first edition has developed "IFAP can aspire to become a benchmark in Europe specialized in doors and automations". In addition, Didac claims from more than one decade ago "not seen in Spain a showcase at this level"

Also, all point that IFAP has been a "sector and the industry fair" which has been a very specific professional profile, "every customer that has entered the booth is a potential customer" according to Marco Macedo of the commercial Area of Entrematic. For the President of your company, Fine Matteo, "IFAP has been a great showcase where to launch for the first time in Europe our new products and where to grow our brand image.". In addition, It states that it has been an excellent opportunity "where meet old clients who continue to use our products, and make new contacts".

On the other hand, Juan Pascual Giménez, Manager of Gimenez Ganga, It also highlighted "profile so proper that he has visited the fair. Done a good job by both fair and the Association of manufacturers of automatic doors, APA", by what says that if FIPA prepares a Second Edition "here we are". Also Daniel Roig Efaflex, He says that "we have opted for this first edition, and the results are very good, so we'll bet by a Second Edition".

IFAP has met in its first edition the commercial offer of a total of 70 Foreign and national firms. "We close the doors thinking already in the Organization of a second edition that is sure it will exceed its offer and exhibition space. We challenge the sector for the edition of 2019 "says Ricardo Ricart, Director of APA, Association of manufacturers of automatic doors.