International Conference on automatic doors, 28 February, within the framework of IFAP 2019

The next 28 February, in the framework of FIPA 2019, starting from the 10:45 in the morning, It will take place in the Centre of events of Feria Valencia the DAY AUTOMATIC DOORS INTERNATIONAL, with the generic title: FROM THE PROFESSIONALISM TO THE INCENTIVES IN THE SECTOR OF AUTOMATIC DOORS.

Organized by APA, Spanish Association of manufacturers of automatic doors, FIPA, International Automatic Doors Fair, and Feria Valencia, with the special participation of Kevin Pettiette, President of IDA, International Door Association.

This International Conference in the framework of IFAP 2019 It is presented as a preview of the 3rd ICAD, International Congress Automatic Doors (13 March 2019 in the framework of IDA Expo, Indianapolis, EE. UU.) of great interest to all professionals, companies in the sector, and visitors from other countries, by its nature of "comparison" between the United States of America – Canada and Europe. Especially among North American markets and the Spanish, on issues that APA have you considered since its inception as basic pillars: Professionalization, Visibility, Reindustrialization and incentives for the sector. Hence the generic title that has wanted to tackle this day: FROM THE PROFESSIONALISM TO THE INCENTIVES IN THE SECTOR OF AUTOMATIC DOORS.

APA with their associations and federations collaborating, integrated in the CESPA GT, GT internationalization, its FIPA GT, its GT market APA-FIPA Observatory and Feria Valencia, they have become in shares of vanguard in the framework of the European market and international markets, already materialized. Constitute essential tools for professionals and companies of the Spanish sector of automatic doors.

Presentations from the International Conference on automatic doors will continue to be expressed in the title of this thread.

For professionals and installers and maintenance of automatic doors it is a unique opportunity to learn first-hand, through the President of IDA, the reality of the sector in the United States. UU., cradle of automatic doors. Taking advantage of these "comparative presentations" to strengthen us from the professionalization to the incentives of the sector, making visible a business activity with an importance of exceedingly in the safety of the people and his contribution to the economies of the autonomous communities and the Spanish State, both in its industrial fabric in the installation and maintenance. Motivating the private initiatives for the reindustrialization of the Spanish sector, within the programme of reindustrialization and strengthening of Industrial competitiveness, known as Reindus, approved by the Council of Ministers the 30 November of the 2018, and proposals for improvement of industrial competitiveness, as well as programmes of the autonomous communities, aligned with the industrial policies of Spain and Europe.

The international day has had the collaboration of:

  • IDA, International Door Association
  • CESPA, Associations working group of APA, acting as Spanish Confederation of the Sector of automatic doors.
  • AIDIMME, Metallurgical Technology Institute
  • FEMPA, Federation of Metal businessmen of the province of Alicante
  • CONEQTIA, Association of professional press and Multimedia content
  • PA ediciones, Automatic Doors Editions Magazine.
  • Generalitat Valenciana