10:40 h. Attendants reception


11:00 h. Welcome

11:15 h. Size and visibility of the sector, product safety in the doors of U.S. door market. UU. Standards.. Professionalization of the sector. IDA certification for technicians. Certificate of automatic doors company. Observatory of the sector in the USA. . UU.

  • Kevin Pettiette. President of the IDA association, USA

12:00 h. Professionalization of the Spanish sector of automatic doors: accreditations and certifications. Spanish sector of automatic doors visibility: first figures of the APA / FIPA Market Observatory.

  • José Vicente Andreu. President of the Association APA, Spain
  • Vicente Sales. Responsible of the APA / FIPA Market Observatory
  • Rafael Sotomayor. Coordinator of the CESPA Working Group of APA

12:40h. Conference closure





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