More foreign visitors in the second edition of FIPA

The international fair of automatic doors, FIPA, It will close its doors this afternoon at the Feria Valencia with one balance of more than positive and with the expectations of the vast majority of its fulfilled exhibitors.

In addition to professionals coming from all the autonomous communities, highlights from this second edition has been the greater presence of international professionals from mainly from countries like Germany, Algeria, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Italy, France, Lebanon, Morocco, Mexico, Mozambique, Portugal and Tunisia, among others, that have consolidated the appointment as the highest concentration of professionals linked to automatic doors never seen in Spain.

IFAP has received throughout his three days of celebration a profile very technical and professional visitors coming from different industrial sectors as installers, maintainers, builders or architects, among others. All of them have put in value the large number of technical innovations in automatic doors and automations that have presented the hundreds of exhibitors who participated in this edition, a 40% more than in the previous edition of 2017.

Most professional and highest quality in FIPA

In this respect, the President of IFAP, José Vicente Andreu, It highlighted the "good fair that we experienced during these days and the high level of professionalism of the visitors of FIPA". So it points, "we have far exceeded our expectations in this second edition, which is consolidated as unique specialized national event of the sector and as regards international level".

On the other hand, the Secretary general of the Association, Ricardo Ricart, you have highlighted the satisfaction of partners representing the 95% the exhibitors, with the results obtained and for the bet of a trade fair such as FIPA "tailored to the sector".

Market Observatory has unveiled details of turnover, 700 million euros per year

During the celebration of the international day II of automatic doors, that took place in the framework of the celebration of IFAP, was presented for the first time the estimate turnover that moves the sector in Spain, a total of 700 million euros per year, which APA and his associates are the 85% the Spanish market of automatic doors.

In addition, IFAP has counted with the support of all associations linked to the sector, as well as with the Working Group CESPA that brings together regional associations of installers and maintenance of automatic doors, contributors members of APA.