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FIPA- International Automatic Doors Fair, with its own personality, It is designed as the platform of confluence between the best offer and demand of the sector.

A specialized in automatic doors meeting point, where to find "live and direct" the best source of information and contact, establishing relations and business contacts that generate business and wealth, in the short and medium term.

Who can exhibit at Fipa?

Manufacturers and distributors of:

  • Residential doors
  • Industrial doors
  • garage doors
  • pedestrian doors
  • Commercial doors
  • Hospital doors
  • Fire doors
  • loading docks
  • Automatic systems
  • barriers
  • access control
  • Components


IFAP aims to work so exhibitors can obtain the best possible performance using the right amount of resources in accordance with the situation of the sector.

Con unos formatos de participación eficaces que faciliten la presencia de las empresas en el certamen.

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The world of automatic doors

With its unique profile FIPA – the International Automatic Door fair – aims to be the vehicle that brings the best from the supply side of the industry together with prospective customers.

A specialised meeting point for everyone involved in automatic doors, FIPA is set to be the best source of “live, direct” contacts and information, the place to forge commercial contacts and relationships that will generate business and wealth over the short and medium term.

Who can exhibit at Fipa?

  • Manufacturers and distributors of commercial, residential and industrial automatic and fire doors.
  • Manufacturers and distributors of door automation systems and components.
  • Manufacturers and distributors of machinery for the industry.


FIPA will be striving to ensure that exhibitors gain the best possible return on their investment by deploying as many resources as the sector’s current situation requires.

Cost-effective packages are available to make it as easy as possible for exhibitors to sign up for the event.

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